Buying stock for carving banks

When buying any stock for carving blanks, I think it advisable to nave it planed on both sides at the mill. This saves a great deal of time and labor before you start work. Most well-equipped mills cut

to the full 2-inch dimension. Common practice calls for 3/32 inch of stock to be planed off each face. The mill will, if so requested, plane to a full 17/8 inch dimension at no extra cost.

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In all cases when buying stock I specify that the stock shall be clear, free from shakes and checks; that it shall be kiln-dried and that it shall be protected by coverings to protect the finished faces in shipment. If I am buying from a new source, I also specify that the stock shall be straight-grained. It is advisable to tell the lumber dealer the purpose for which the stock is to be used. He wants to see that you get exactly what you want, and should have—that's his business.

Massive cuts can be made in Honduras mahogany with a long-handled straight gouge. Note the clean cut, no fractures.
Making a long, sweeping cut in mahogany with the parting tool.






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